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Rafting Montenegro has successfully been involved in organizing rafting by the Tara River, cruise Pivsko jezero, canyoning (Nevidio, Škurda, Mrtvica ...), mountaineering (Durmitor, Komovi, Maganik ...), visits to Ethno villages.

Skipper (who is managing abortion) has been successfully and safely rammed for 20 years by this wild beauty who for centuries has cracked the deepest canyon on the Old Continent. All our skippers have undergone special training and have licenses for rafting Tara. They all grew up next to Tara, so they will entertain you during the rafting by passing legends about a canyon that has been for centuries receding from one knee to another.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art rubber boats (RAFT), capacity up to 10 people, special clothing and shoes for protection against cold water (water temperature is 14 degrees), protective helmets and vests. A challenge you must not miss! Enrich your life experience!

Rafting Montenegro Experience the wild beauty of rafting

Tara River Crystal clear water


The wildest, the most beautiful, the clearest mountain river in Montenegro, also called “The Tear of Europe”; has it spring below Komovi (1250 m height above sea level) and flows through its canyon for 144 km all the way to Scepan Polje (433 m height above the sea level) where it makes (together with the Piva River) the Drina River - one of the longest rivers in South-eastern Europe and also the richest in water.

Canyon of the Tara river is 1,330m deep, and represents the deepest canyon in Europe, and the second deepest in the world (after Grand Canyon in Colorado). Major part of the Tara River flows is in the area of “Durmitor National Park”. On the 4th September 1980, National Park Durmitor was enlisted in UNESCO’s World Heritage; meeting the three conditions: geological, hydrological and biological phenomena.

The most attractive part of the canyon, which is 90 km long (from Sljivanskog to Scepan Polje), is full of rapids (about 50 km) wild tributaries, waterfalls, rich forests full of various trees which are scraping the sky; old for centuries and can be up to 50 meters high.

The Tara River has lately become very popular among tourists keen on rafting on wild waters. According to the rafting categorization, the Tara River got mark 3-4 (Grand Canyon in Colorado has the mark 5), which means that its attractiveness and excitement is on the very top. There are 80 very interesting, large caves in the Tara Canyon. Tara River is also the largest drinking water reservoir, and you can drink from it while rafting!



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