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If you want to get adventurous, go hiking, rafting or canyoning, experience our beautiful mountains, lakes, bright blue skies and gorgeous greens meadows, Rafting Montenegro can make your wish come true.

About Nevidio Canyon (‘’The invisible”)

One of the most impassable canyons in Europe

In the rocky Montenegrin mountains lies Nevidio Canyon , in a place where the slopes of Durmitor and Vojnik mountains encountered thousands of years ago during the great geological disturbances. It is the last canyon in Europe that’s been conquered. Montenegrin mountaineers conquered it in 1965.

Name of the canyon ( “The Invisible”) recalls the mysterious inaccessibility of the canyon, which has remained hidden from human eyes for a long time. A hundred meters in front of the canyon there is a large waterfall Grabovine.

Vertical rocks, waterfalls, straits, sparkling cascades,

narrow channels and the “gallery” of stone figures are the main actors of the story about Nevidio. Even today, this canyon has been seen by fewer people that the Mount Everest.

It is a cascade of waterfalls and narrow passages between the stone walls of the canyon. At the entrance, it’s about 60 meters deep, and at the end it’s deeper than 350 meters. In some places it is only possible to go under, or even through walls. Nevidio is about 3.5 km long, and in some places (near the bottom) is narrower than half a meter. The beauty of the canyon is indescribable.

About Piva and Piva Lake

Amazing views and wonderful nature

This area has been endowed with the incredibly beautiful villages, ideal conditions for hunting, fishing, biking, cruising, hiking, and is known for its curative herbs, teas and domestic agricultural products of exceptional quality and high environmental standards.

The most famous cultural and historical monument is the Piva Monastery. Built on the source of the Piva River in the 16th century , its construction lasted for 13 years. For centuries, it represented the most important spiritual and cultural center of this region.

Piva lake was created by damming up the Piva River. The height of the dam named Mratinje is 220m. It stretches over a distance of 46km and is over 200m deep.

The legend says that the Piva canyon was more beautiful, attractive and mysterious than the Tara canyon.

Boat ride on the emerald green water will fill you with genuine peace, and the view of rocky cliffs, where the chamois and golden eagles found their refuge will fill you with awe for this wild beauty.